[zeromq-dev] Implementing a ZAP handler in C#

Robert Pickering robertfpickering at fastmail.com
Wed Jul 22 16:54:11 CEST 2015

I'm trying to implement a ZAP handler in C#. I've updated the patho
sub/pub example to include curve cryptography and tried to add a ZAP
handler in the publisher. Here's a gist of what I have so far: 

Basically in the publisher I bind a REP socket to
inproc://zeromq.zap.01. I then set the ZMQ_CURVE_SERVER and
ZMQ_CURVE_SECRETKEY on the publisher, while on the client I
ZMQ_CURVE_SERVERKEY to be the servers public key, and set it's
public/secret key.

Before I sent up the curve options the messages follow and the example
works just fine. After I set the curve options the messages stop
following. I was expecting my ZAP handling method to be called, so I
could respond with with whether the client is valid or not, but it seem
the ZAP handler never receives a message.

I feel I'm missing some simple step to enable the ZAP handler. Do I need
to send messages to inproc://zeromq.zap.01 to enable the ZAP handler? I
see some examples set a verbosity option and an IP filter, are these
messages that need to be sent to inproc://zeromq.zap.01? Or are they
values that need to be set somewhere else?

Many thanks for any help!


  Robert Pickering
  robertfpickering at fastmail.com

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