[zeromq-dev] problem with socket idendity

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Hi Peter,

Please make sure that you set the identity of the socket before you call connect API.


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Hello Everyone

I got into ZeroMQ a few weeks ago, after having read The Guide a few years ago. I got some of the simple examples to work, but am having problems with more complex things. I am developing some classes for asynchronous client server messaging, with automatic heartbeating and an event loop on both the client and server side. I also created a class representing multi_frame_messages to make all this a little easier. Its really a pity something like this doesn't already exist.

Anyway, my problem is the following: For debugging purposes I am explicitly setting the idendity of each client socket, passing a string like "client1", "client2". This works for simple examples, but somehow the client name does not come through to the server side (router socket) in the class I created. I get a bunch of 'weird' characters which seem to be what the system uses by default. What is the nature of the default idendity data? Is it a binary number? How can I display it properly?
I also would like to know under what circumstance the idendity string that I set can get lost as it does? I tried this with 'inproc' and 'tcp' type connections.

I am working on MS-Windows8, and I am using the latest stable version, downloaded a few days ago.

Thanks, Peter

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