[zeromq-dev] gozmq beacon

Brian Knox bknox at digitalocean.com
Sun Jan 18 13:29:34 CET 2015

Andrew: what is actually published is the IP address of the beacon = so the
"HI" in the example is a topic, and not what is actually received.  So, the
publisher is publishing on topic "HI", and the subscriber is subscribing on
topic "HI".   Running locally:

Beacon configured on:
Beacon configured on:
Received beacon:

I'll fix the example code to the new function names, thanks for catching
that.  Awhile back, we removed the "Z" prefixes from everything as they
weren't necessary in a language that has package namespaces.


On Sun, Jan 18, 2015 at 12:17 AM, Andrew Hume <andrew at humeweb.com> wrote:

> brian,
>         i copied the zbeacon example from the github site and ran it.
> (i had to change NewZbeacon to NewBeacon.)
> it doesn’t work, in that listener.Recv is always returning an empty string
> regardless of what is published.
> so either i don’t understand what is supposed to happen, or there is a bug
> somewhere.
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