[zeromq-dev] troubles starting to use go czmq

Quinlan Morake qmorake at yandex.ru
Sat Jan 17 16:08:58 CET 2015


Most likely setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include where libczmq is will resolve the issue; depending on how you installed libczmq, it sometimes installs to /usr/local/lib64 or /usr/local/lib. 

Other than that, could be the pkg.config file, setting the PKG_CONFIG environment variable to include wherever zmq.pc is. 

> On 17 Jan 2015, at 15:03, Andrew Hume <andrew at humeweb.com> wrote:
> i am gearing up to use czmq with the go binding.
> i have successfully installed zeromq and czmq, but when i do 
> 	go get github.com/zeromq/goczmq <http://github.com/zeromq/goczmq>
> it fails with “No package ‘libczmq’ found”.
> this is also the first time i am using github, so it may be related to that.
> any hints as to what i need to do?
> 	andrew
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