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Fri Jan 9 09:41:59 CET 2015


another related thing buthers me in this context: 

When zmsg_send()
indeed returns with rc==-1 and a NULLed message (data is definitely
lost) I have a chance to check for this lost message (simply asserting
on rc==-1 && message==NULL). 

BUT (!!) what is with zmsg_recv() ?
Situation: I successfully zmsg_send() a message and is is delivered by
ZMQ to the target (still inside ZMQ). When the same error occurs in the
applications zmsg_recv() call, will the message be returned in the next
call to zmsg_recv() or is is lost in this case also. Here, I do not have
any chance to work with a copy as would be possible in the sending
example below. 

This question destroys the first idea of holding a copy
before sending. Indeed, I tryed, but zmsg_dup() destroyes routing
information in the message, so it gets lost(silently) in transport
failing to be adressed. Does zmq_msg_copy() work "better" and also
copies the rotuing info? 

As an info: the EINTR thingy happens in Suse
Linux on 32 and 64 bit using ZMQ4 (in any version) while debuging with
Eclipse/gdb. I happens VERY often when breakpoints are triggered, but
also (rarely) when the application is just running under gdb without any
suspends due to breakpoints (breakpoints existing, but not hit). 

system when pretty well for 2 years (!!!) under ZMQ2 and I have this
problem only in ZMQ4 ... there has never been an EINTR under ZMQ2, so my
code had to be heavily modified with loops for "temporary failures" with
errno== EINTR or EAGAIN. 


Am 2015-01-09 08:30, schrieb
sven.koebnick at t-online.de: 

> Hi * ! 
> I recently switched from
ZMQ2 (pretty old) to ZMQ 4 and since then have some problems in
debugging with EINTR. 
> Following code: 
> do {
> rc = zmsg_send
(&zrep, clsocket_);
> if (rc<0) {
> if (errno == EINTR || errno ==
> logWarn("temporary failure in zmq send() ... will be tried
> } else {
> logFatal("hard error in sending zmq ... manually
destroying message ... it will be lost");
> zmsg_destroy(&zrep);
> }
if (zrep) {
> logWarn("sending of reply msg returned rc("<<rc<<"),
zmq_errno("<<zmq_errno()<<") "<<zmq_strerror(zmq_errno()));
logWarn("but message is still existent ... retrying");
> } else {
logError("sending of reply msg returned rc("<<rc<<"),
zmq_errno("<<zmq_errno()<<") "<<zmq_strerror(zmq_errno()));
logFatal("message nulled anyway by zmq ... seems lost ...");
> }
> }
> }
while (zrep); // repeat until message is gone
> This snippet usualy
works, but sometimes I get the warning of EINTR. No problem, I thought,
but despite returning an error (rc==-1, errno==EINTR) the message
pointer is NULLed, so I cannot resend the message. 
> The Logs prove,
that indeed the message is NOT sent, and for resending I'd need a copy
... what am I doing wrong? 
> ^5 
> sven 
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