[zeromq-dev] C API changes for ZeroMQ 4.1.0

Peter Kleiweg pkleiweg at xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 8 03:08:50 CET 2015

Thomas Rodgers <rodgert at twrodgers.com> schreef op 8 januari 2015 02:56:18 CET:
> FD ~= "file descriptor".
> fd_t, the type this option actually returns, is conditionally defined
> to be
> int or SOCKET depending on platform, same as with ZMQ_FD. It is
> however,
> not the same FD that would be returned by the ZMQ_FD option (I believe
> it
> is the underlying TCP file descriptor or SOCKET in this case).

I have looked to the source.

On non-Windows, it is an int. No problem.

On Windows, it is either a SOCKET or a UINT_PTR. This is impossible. I write a Go binding[1] based on the C API. I need to know what the type is on Windows, and the C header file doesn't tell.

And if fd_t is internal to the C++ code, why is it used in the C API reference? 

[1] http://github.com/pebbe/zmq4

Peter Kleiweg

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