[zeromq-dev] System.OutOfMemoryException issue

Cédric CONTE cedric.conte at snef.fr
Thu Feb 26 09:28:54 CET 2015

Hi folks,


Context : NetMQ – DotNet 4.5


I’m currently working on computer vision which must process each frame from
a video file. 

To do so, I use the push-pull pattern in order to produce some distributed
work ( <http://zguide.zeromq.org/page:all#Divide-and-Conquer> divide and

I was inspired by this link:

Here’s what happens: 
The ventilator instance starts distributes the work to n workers instances
by passing message with byte array of 2000000 which increase the RAM
quickly. The workers to their job by getting the message from the queue and
do the image process but the RAM never decrease. After a while, I get the
following error from a worker on the received message:
system-outofmemoryexception-occurred-in-system> An unhandled exception of
type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' occurred in NetMQ.dll 
I seems the NetMQ library never release the memory (the byte array of
2000000 ) from the queue when the worker received the message.
Does someone already faced this issue or find a work around about it?
Thx in advance for your help,


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