[zeromq-dev] Need help with a multi-threaded ZeroMQ application

Rajalakshmi Iyer raj at blismedia.com
Tue Feb 17 12:05:27 CET 2015


I need help with the following use-case :

A multi-threaded web service application runs ~ 1000 threads and each of
those 1000 threads can potentially send a request to another service via a
ZeroMQ publisher socket.

An external service running a ZeroMQ subscriber socket subscribes to these
messages, thus establishing an inverted PUB-SUB pattern.

Now, within the web service application, what is the best option for
creating the ZeroMQ publisher socket -

   - One ZeroMQ publisher socket per thread?
   - A pool of ZeroMQ sockets with memory barrier (mutexes etc) that allows
   for fewer tcp connections to the external service?
   - A single ZeroMQ publisher socket and each of the 1000 threads sending
   their messages using inproc?

Note that not all of the 1000 threads will be publishing messages all the
time, but there would still be significant publishing traffic. Would a
single ZeroMQ socket be able to handle that?

Any advice would be greatly helpful.


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