[zeromq-dev] Simple VPN with zmq?

Dorvin dorvin at tlen.pl
Fri Feb 13 14:50:59 CET 2015

W dniu 2015-02-13 o 14:23, Benjamin Henrion pisze:
> 1. I managed to saturate my gigabit link with a simple SCP (950mbps)
> 2. When I setup the IP tunnel with PermiTunnel=yes, I see only 300mbps
> of traffic and one CPU is the bottleneck.
> I am wondering how easy it would be to write this.
> Any thoughts?

There's not enough information to tell for sure but such behavior 
commonly is caused by fragmentation. Try to reduce amount of data you 
send in one message to like 1400 bytes or even less and/or check PMTU.

Side question: why do you try to build such thing? Curiosity?


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