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Hi Min,
Thanks for the response!
When you say out of date, could you quantify or qualitatively tell me how out-of-date it is?
I’d like to use Zyre from Java (most likely on Android). There are a couple of ways to do that :
1. Jyre+JeroMQ. Use whatever is available+build Jyre upto Zyre. However, this requires that JeroMQ is also up to date.
2. Jyre+JZMQ. Use whatever is available+build Jyre upto Zyre. This requires that the JNI interface (JZMQ) is also up to date.
3. JNI(Zyre)+JZMQ. This looks expensive in the sense that I will have to access both zeroMQ and Zyre through JNI. However, given that Zyre and JZMQ depend on libzmq, would the software structure be like this?
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Could you please tell me the pros and cons of each, especially with respect to the maturity/updated-ness of projects?

On that note, is there a JNI-wrappered Zyre available? 


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> Jyre was intended to make the same level of Zyre. But it is out-of-date and the community might not have enough resource to catch up with Zyre.
> We still need more volunteers for this project. Zyre+Jzmq(JNI) might be good start and could be migrated later.
> Thanks
> Min
>> On Feb 10, 2015, at 8:43 AM, Utsav Drolia <utsavdrolia at gmail.com <mailto:utsavdrolia at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> Hello Everyone, 
>> Newbie here wrt 0MQ in general, with some questions on status of JeroMQ+Jyre.
>> Is Jyre on JeroMQ at the same level of progress as Zyre? 
>> And are there any pointers to have JeroMQ+Jyre work on Android devices? 
>> Or is it better to go the Zyre+JNI way? I always hesitate to use JNI given the lore about it eating up too many CPU cycles.
>> I also took a look at the edgenets github page - Hydra, drops etc. Any Java implementations to be expected in the edgenet project? Would make using it with Android a lot easier.
>> Thanks!
>> Utsav
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