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Kalyan Bade kalyanbade at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 20:32:53 CET 2015

Hi Pieter,

Thanks a lot for the answers. Please see inline..

> For inter-thread communication you can use zyre with its gossip
> discovery. There's an example in zyre_test ().
I was using gossip hub for discovery and the discovery is working.

> Every message (ENTER, SHOUT, WHISPER) has the UUID address of the
> sender. You can use this to WHISPER back to it.
Regarding the UUID for whisper message, it looks like that I have to cache
the name to UUID mapping in my application. I was hoping that the zyre
maintains it as it has the info about all peers. All we need is another
hash table for maintaining this apart from UUID based hash table. For now,
I will listen for the ENTER event and maintain this mapping in the

> You cannot do a blocking request-response, really. You'd process
> events from peers, and wait for the one you expect. Almost the same.
> This may become heavy, though I'd definitely explore this even as an
> exercise.
> I will investigate and will get back if I have further queries.

> An alternative to using Zyre could be to use inproc endpoints for
> discovery, e.g. bind to a free endpoint in some range, and then
> connect to all possible endpoints. It depends on how many threads you
> have and how often you start/stop them.

Just wondering, is zyre too expensive for inproc communication? Do you
recommend moving away from zyre?

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