[zeromq-dev] meaning of ZMQ_EVENT_CONNECTED

McMillan, Scott A scott.a.mcmillan at intel.com
Tue Feb 3 20:35:04 CET 2015


I'm dealing with the pub-sub "slow joiner" problem.  As I understand it,
the problem arises, in part, because connections are asynchronous and
zmq_connect() returns before the connection is actually established.

I hooked up a monitor and wait until the monitor indicates the socket is
in the CONNECTED state before publishing.  However, even with the socket
in the CONNECTED state, the first few messages are usually lost.

Does ZMQ_EVENT_CONNECTED actually mean that the connection is fully
established and ready for pubs?  Or something lesser?


P.S. Sorry if I'm just re-asking this question:
router-socket.  Not sure if pub-sub is sufficiently different than
router-router change the meaning of ZMQ_EVENT_CONNECTED.

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