[zeromq-dev] Notes from a hackathon

Pieter Hintjens ph at imatix.com
Mon Feb 2 11:04:33 CET 2015

Ironically I was writing a blog post decrying version numbers. But
yes, this would perhaps be a V5 API. The thing is, we want to make the
API contract work across many stacks, including libzmq, JeroMQ, CZMQ,
NetMQ, etc. So we have evolved past software version numbers, perhaps.

Let's consider this as a new generation of the API and protocol
contract, document it as such (new RFCs, eventually), and eventually
move the software stacks to support it, while also supporting older
stable versions of the contracts.

Brian Knox points out that SERVER and CLIENT also remove all stress of
REQ / REP state machines. The caller decides: if you do straight recv
request, send reply on SERVER, it'll work automatically. And if you do
recv, recv, recv then you manage the routing IDs yourself... :-) Same
for CLIENT replacing REQ.


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