[zeromq-dev] pyzmq DEALER<>ROUTER<>DEALER file transfer missing chunks

Alex Levene combochallenge at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 26 21:35:09 CET 2015

Hello, I am writing a file transfer program that transfers a file from a computer running a client with a DEALER,
to another computer running a DEALER. however, there is a ROUTER that helps these two dealers communicate.
in  my testing files under 50M are able to transfer correctly. however once i get into the 100+ M zone, I start getting lost chunks.
a zip file i have been testing with that is supposed to be 119 M only transmits 117-118 M.
I have provided 3 pastebins to try and solve this problem.
http://pastebin.com/3dHsRJTw  this is the ROUTER PROXY. the sockets that have high watermark enabled are the sockets that the file transfer happens on.

http://pastebin.com/rRwWpMXD this is the side b. does not have a gui and uses DEALER SOCKET.
http://pastebin.com/weeLjWt3 this is my GUI thia i stripped of irrelevant functions. only the GUI and broken functions are present.
sorry if these programs are not super minmal. the broken fuctions are baked in pretty deep.


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