[zeromq-dev] possible bug in CZMQ's zloop_start .... with fix

Steven Butner butner.se at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 22:48:46 CET 2015

I'm running CZMQ version 3.0.1 (though seemingly-identical code appears 
to be present in the newer version also) on an Ubuntu-14.04 LTS system 
running on x64 hardware.  The zloop_start() routine does not terminate 
when a ticket timer handler returns -1, yet the API description for CZMQ 
3.0.1 says that the zloop_start routine "returns 0 if interrupted, -1 if 
canceled by a handler".

Inspection of the source at zloop.c, line 780 shows that a return of -1 
from a ticket handler does indeed break out from the ticket-handling 
while loop but because the return code (-1, in this case) is not stored 
in "rc", the zloop_start() routine does not actually return.  Instead, 
on my system, it keeps polling.

If I change the code at line 781 to be as below, then zloop_start() 
returns when a ticket timer handler returns -1 and the behavior seems to 
be as advertised in the API documentation.

775        //  Handle any tickets that have now expired
776        s_ticket_t *ticket = (s_ticket_t *) zlistx_first (self->tickets);
777        while (ticket && time_now >= ticket->when) {
778            if (self->verbose)
779                zsys_debug ("zloop: call ticket handler");
780            if (ticket->handler (self, 0, ticket->arg) == -1)
781               { rc = -1;   break; }     //  Timer handler signaled break
782            zlistx_delete (self->tickets, ticket->list_handle);
783            ticket = (s_ticket_t *) zlistx_next (self->tickets);
784        }

Am I mis-understanding the intended behavior of zloop_start() in this 
case or is this, in fact, a bug?

Thanks ....
      Steve Butner

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