[zeromq-dev] Help, Architectual Input desired, Forwarding Message on known routing path

chubbson chubbson at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 02:58:10 CET 2015


Hey zmq Folk,

Resending this request.
For my new work i have to implement and integrate 'chat'-functionality.

A message should send from node A to node B.
A and B are in different subnet and doesnt know each other directly.
But A knows the routing path to send a msg to B (ViceVersa, B knows the
routing path for sending a message to A)

my first approach feels conceptually wrong. wrapping the msg with routing nodes.
push / pull to next node.
each pull socket listen on the wire, unwrap the message, creates a new push
socket connection and forward the message to unwrapped node.
*Currently im put the routing path information directly to serialized message.*

what is the common way to solve this kind of problem?
*Isnt it a performance issue?*, establishing a new connection per
received msg, just for getting the next routing endpoint where the
message should be sent to.

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