[zeromq-dev] RPC over DEALER-ROUTER conection (async client/server)

cibercitizen1 cibercitizen1 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 10:55:20 CET 2015

Sorry if here is not the right place to ask this.

I'm considering to implement simple RPC over
a DEALER-ROUTER connection. Thus, I'm facing
the obvious problem of matching the answers from the
router side with the corresponding requests by the
dealer side.

Options considered:

1. number each request. Cons: the server (router side) must be
   aware of this, and participate in the strategy.

2. use a separate (and dedicated) dealer socket for each RPC
call. (Using a pool of reusable open connections so as to
save time). Pros: this is transparent to the server.

Is there any other option?

Am I right that option 2 is the best?

Thank you for any comment.

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