[zeromq-dev] The best/Safe way to send the msg to the socket client within the Deal worker?

Algoking algoking at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 09:05:50 CET 2015

Follow the figure 38, I create a server thread, proxy a router to 5 worker 
dealer. And there are some dynamic threads work as client dealer, the 
client dealer will pass the data to the router and router will route to 
the worker dealer, the worker dealer will send the data to the specify 
socket, bind with ip and port.

In my testing, in the worker dealer which get the context from server 
router and connect to "inproc://backend", I use same context to create 
another socket and connect to "tcp://localhost:5555", and send the data 
when the worker dealer receive the data.

It's work, but I'm not sure it's proper to act like this way and is it 

In this case, the Server router act as a bypassing carrier.

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