[zeromq-dev] IPv6 link local address

Sathish_Yenna at Dell.com Sathish_Yenna at Dell.com
Wed Dec 2 23:09:13 CET 2015

Dear ZeroMQ developers,

I have an application in development which uses ZeroMQ library to communicate over IPv6 link local network. I have run into issues with IPv6 link local address handling in the ZeroMQ library (v4.1.2). The interface name/index which is required for IPv6 link local addresses is not allowed in the address passed to the library. So, I have come up with a patch that accepts the interface name and handles the link local address properly.

Please find the attached patch file (based on 4.1.2 version) for the exact changes. The changes are limited to two files (tcp_address.cpp and socket_base.cpp). I would like you to consider these changes, so ZeroMQ will work for IPv6 link local addresses as well.

Sathish Yenna
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