[zeromq-dev] czmq zsock_unbind does naught on windows?

Brian T. Carcich briantcarcich at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 22:06:44 CEST 2015

Windows 7 Pro SP1
MS VS Community 2015
0mq 4.1.3
czmq 3.0.2
libsodium (current from github as of about two weeks ago)

I am having a little trouble with the czmq self-test under Windows 7 x64.

The first problem was the 10s = 10,000ms sleep test that occasionally
sometimes takes as little as 9926ms.  Meh.

The second is a problem with zsock_unbind in zsock.c under czmq.

At this point I don't need a solution, rather I'd like to know if this is a
known issue and/or is there a workaround.

I made some brief google searches for this problem but have not yet found

See one of the following URLs:



It looks like zsock_unbind() does not release the port (errno is
EADDRINUSE), which is what the 100ms sleep was supposed to help with.  When
I stop the debugger the port no longer shows up in the netstat -an output.

I have not yet looked to see whether this is a problem with czmq or 0mq.

In the example above I increased the sleep after the zsock_unbind call to
30s and printf'ed the return code, errno string and ZMQ_VERSION, and the
socket is still not unbound.

I'm going to go try this on a Linux box.

Best regards,

Brian Carcich
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