[zeromq-dev] Disable resend of Publisher after reconnection

Bachmair Florian - flexSolution GmbH florian.bachmair at flexsolution.eu
Thu Aug 27 10:37:25 CEST 2015


Is there a opportunity to tell the publisher not to resend messages?

I have two stations A and B

A publishes all the time
B receives it

A-PUB 10
B-SUB 10
A-PUB 20
B-SUB 20
A-PUB 30
B-SUB 30
A-PUB 40
B-SUB 40
---unplug cable
A-PUB 50
A-PUB 60
A-PUB 70
---plug cable again
B-SUB 50
B-SUB 60
B-SUB 70

B does some routines after it gets those values. But I'm not interested 
in 50 and 60 any more, I just want the 70 after reconnection.
I do Heartbeating so I detect connection lost on my own and I can 
request the last value as well. So is this possible to disable the 
resend mechanism?


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