[zeromq-dev] Device CPU Utilization

Jason Sia jsia18 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 16:37:57 CEST 2015


I'm using zeromq 2.2.0 version due to some library dependency, I created a
streamer device push pull , for some reason and its intermittent.  The cpu
usage of the device grows to 100% even if the pusher is only inputting at a
slow rate.  I used pyzmq and then also created a version in C++.

Here is my code:

#include <iostream>

#include <stdlib.h>

#include <zmq.hpp>

using namespace std;

zmq::context_t ctx(1);

zmq::socket_t bind_in_sock(ctx, ZMQ_PULL);

zmq::socket_t bind_out_sock(ctx, ZMQ_PUSH);

int main(int argc, const char *argv[]) {



    zmq::device(ZMQ_STREAMER, bind_in_sock, bind_out_sock);

    return 0;

Is there a known issue about this?

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