[zeromq-dev] Zyre on the web

Arnaud Loonstra arnaud at sphaero.org
Tue Aug 4 12:33:34 CEST 2015

Hi Johan,

A proxy would probably be the fastest path. We've been experimenting 
with websockets and a proxy which works fine. Easiest would probably be 
to create a ZyreNode containing a webserver which can provide the web 
interface. With Pyre this is very simple. Here's an example of a 
'work-in-progress' node for use with ZOCP:



On 2015-08-04 08:56, Johan Philips wrote:
> Hi guys
> We have some robots in our lab running Zyre to discover each other
> and exchange data, which works great. Most of them use the C
> implementation and some use Pyre (Python binding). We would like to
> add a “web interface” to our lab which shows all available robots in
> the browser and give a user the ability to introspect the robots, get
> a live feed of its camera or laser scan data and send some basic
> commands.
> How could we combine this best with Zyre? The webpage would be HTML5
> / Javascript and we would use JSON to serialise and model the data.
> I’ve noticed that there is a Node.js binding for ZeroMQ but not for
> Zyre (the node_zyre project [1] we found, does not seem to work, i.e.
> is still very experimental and not maintained anymore?).
> Is the best solution to run a C proxy with a Zyre node connecting to
> the robots and Router socket connecting to a Node.js running the
> javascript code or is this an unnecessary indirection? Alternatively
> we are thinking to run Pyre on the webserver and use Python instead 
> of
> Node.js.
> Any expertise and advice from you on this front is more than welcome 
> :-)
> Johan
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