[zeromq-dev] Is my use case viable?

Arnaud Kapp kapp.arno at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 13:49:13 CEST 2014

Hello everyone,

Not too long ago I asked about POLLPRI being handled by ZMQ for a
particular project i'm working on. I am still figuring out if ZMQ would be
a good fit in this project. I would like your feedback about my use case,
and your insight about performance problems I may encounter.

I've read that when using ZMQ one shouldn't have to spawn many sockets.
However, when thinking about my design I realized I'd be having a lot of
socket talking to each other (locally, through inproc://).

Each component of the software would somehow be like a ZActor. The a pipe
socket back to parent thread, a REP socket for other component to connect
to, and a PUB socket to publish event. (With an average of 100 component --
each with no "cpu intensive task"). The breakdown in multiple actor thread
would be for clarity, not performance (not all target computer have more
than 1 thread anyway).

I'd say a worst case scenario would around 500 - 1000 sockets. It should be
less than that most of the time though.

The messages activity is not stable. Most of the time I wouldn't expect
more than a dozen message per second being sent, but sometimes it would be
more. (300 - 400msg per seconds being published, plus the "control traffic"
through REQ/REP).

This software target low performance ARM device (raspberry pi mostly). I
know its not easy to tell based on what I just wrote, but do you think I
risk performance problem?
Do you think the design is "zmq approved" ?

Kapp Arnaud - Xaqq
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