[zeromq-dev] Router socket and connection identities?

Riskybiz riskybizlive at live.com
Fri Sep 12 10:00:02 CEST 2014

Dear zeromq developers,


                I intend to create an example DEALER-ROUTER network
arrangement which will pass multipart messages containing a variable number
of parts.  As I understand it a ROUTER socket uses an identity for each of
the connections with which it corresponds; the identities are stored
internally by the ROUTER socket in a lookup container.


My question is:


Is it necessary in my code to create a unique identity for each connection
and then pass it to the ROUTER socket OR does the ROUTER socket create the
necessary identity internally?


Also, does anyone please know of a simple console example of a ROUTER-DEALER
arrangement which I may study and which will work on Windows using


With thanks,



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