[zeromq-dev] zproject - a project skeleton generator

Kevin Sapper kevinsapper88 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 10:23:57 CET 2014

Don't worry strange questions are usually the most interesting ;)

The workflow for zproject, if you like to call it that, is:

1. install the gsl files on your system
2. create or copy & replace a project.xml
3. generate build system files from project.xml

* If you like to add a class (header/src) edit project.xml and repeat 3.
* If you like to update the version of your project after a release,
update the project.xml and repeat 3.
* If you need to fix a bug or add a feature to your build system file(s)
(e.g. CMakeLists.txt) change the gsl file(s) and repeat 1. and 3.
* If ... (and so on)

I recommend to distribute the generated build system file(s) e.g.
CMakeLists.txt as this is the simplest for the user because he doesn't
care for the fancy way your build system generation works. If he sees
the CMakeLists.txt the next steps are intuitive for him, if he knows


On Mi, 2014-10-29 at 09:46 +0100, Frank Hartmann wrote:
> Kevin Sapper <kevinsapper88 at gmail.com> writes:
> > Hi Frank,
> >
> > I didn't create the build-cmake.gsl file which builds the
> > CMakeLists.txt. As far as I know the mingw build is generated with
> > build-mingw32.gsl. Probably the build-cmake.gsl needs some further
> > tweaking to work in zproject. All the *.gsl files have been copied from
> > czmq. The ones for autotools have been tweaked by me to work in a
> > standalone setup.
> >
> > Regarding the CMakeLists.txt as your "One file to rule them all.",
> > zproject gives you:
> >
> > * Automatically generated/updated project header
> > * Automatically generated prelude file for cross platform
> > interoperability
> > * Header/Source stubs for new classes according to czmq style guide
> >
> > I hope this answers your questions, sometimes I write stuff that is
> > totally self explanatory to me but confusing to others :)
> :) 
> I have to used czmq uptonow, only libzmq so please excuse the 'strange'
> questions!
> What is the zproject workflow: This is something you do once, or would
> you do it repeatedly? For example if I would like a new #define or
> #include directory added to the Makefile, would I edit the gsl and rerun
> or would I edit the generated code? Skeleton generator sounds like
> running once?
> And if I have my project ready: Would you recommend distributing the gsl
> setup or the generated code?
> Anyway I have put this gsl stuff on my list for slow days. Thanks!
> kind regards
>   Frank
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