[zeromq-dev] zproject - a project skeleton generator

Frank Hartmann soundart at gmx.net
Wed Oct 29 09:46:47 CET 2014

Kevin Sapper <kevinsapper88 at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi Frank,
> I didn't create the build-cmake.gsl file which builds the
> CMakeLists.txt. As far as I know the mingw build is generated with
> build-mingw32.gsl. Probably the build-cmake.gsl needs some further
> tweaking to work in zproject. All the *.gsl files have been copied from
> czmq. The ones for autotools have been tweaked by me to work in a
> standalone setup.
> Regarding the CMakeLists.txt as your "One file to rule them all.",
> zproject gives you:
> * Automatically generated/updated project header
> * Automatically generated prelude file for cross platform
> interoperability
> * Header/Source stubs for new classes according to czmq style guide
> I hope this answers your questions, sometimes I write stuff that is
> totally self explanatory to me but confusing to others :)


I have to used czmq uptonow, only libzmq so please excuse the 'strange'

What is the zproject workflow: This is something you do once, or would
you do it repeatedly? For example if I would like a new #define or
#include directory added to the Makefile, would I edit the gsl and rerun
or would I edit the generated code? Skeleton generator sounds like
running once?

And if I have my project ready: Would you recommend distributing the gsl
setup or the generated code?

Anyway I have put this gsl stuff on my list for slow days. Thanks!

kind regards

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