[zeromq-dev] zproject - a project skeleton generator

Frank Hartmann soundart at gmx.net
Tue Oct 28 20:08:37 CET 2014

Kevin Sapper <kevinsapper88 at gmail.com> writes:

> Dear ZeroMQ developers and users,
> In the recent time a lot of new c-project have been created in the
> zeromq community which use the czmq build environment. Instead of
> maintaining all of these build files separately I suggest zproject
> (https://github.com/sappo/zproject).
> zproject does several things:
> * generate files for cross-platform build environments
> * generate header and sources files for new classes
> All you need is a project.xml. This is your "One file to rule them all".
> I like to move the project from my account to the zeromq organization.

Hi Kevin,

All serious projects need their own build system! If we could add a GSL
Generator to cmake, we might even get a "recursive" build system....

Joking aside: "The one file to rule them all" in my view of build
systems is CMakeLists.txt, so I am quite interested what zproject has to
offer in addition. 

I looked into build-cmake.gsl and have the question: Why should I do


(create a cmake setup with gsl. The cmake setup creates then a mingw
build thing(Makefiles?))

instead of

gsl->mingw (create a mingw build system with gsl)

Could you please elaborate a bit what zproject does for me?

kind regards

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