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>>>>> "Benjamin" == Benjamin <benjamin.l.cordes at gmail.com > writes:

Sorry that this message appears out of the original thread. My
subscription to the list only sends digest, so I can't directly reply
within the thread.

    Roland> To be honest, now I don't really care anymore

    Benjamin> oh, what a pity. Consider the impact of ZeroMQ on the world and
    Benjamin> then how this comments looks like.

Have you read what you just wrote?

    Benjamin> It seems you're overjudging your importance, and perhaps
    Benjamin> the whole episode has to do with that.

I don't see any connection to anything in my original mail. But feel free to
believe whatever you like.

    Roland> Judge yourself. Your two statements sound like a contradiction to
    Roland> me. And it wasn't that Goswin started with this tone in 673. Would
    Roland> you have tolerated this from Goswin?

    Benjamin>  Uhem , in 673 mrvn said: "I didn't think you would just
    Benjamin>  blindly  merge it."

Is it so hard to get the facts right? Please reread
https://github.com/zeromq/czmq/pull/673 and observe:

First - Pieter: ... vomit ...
Then  - Goswin: ... blindly ...

Not mentioning the difference in the "badness scale" of "vomit" versus

Please double check such things before posting and wasting others time with
forcing them to post replies to get the facts straight.

Anyway this discussion is getting more and more absurd ...

One last word to you Benjamin: Posting private E-mails to a mailing list
is very, very bad style!!!
You're actually the one who has to take responsibility for the total
escalation of this whole thing by doing so. Congrats!

Sorry but fact is fact ...


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