[zeromq-dev] Higher level zeromq orchestration

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Thu Oct 9 02:26:35 CEST 2014

Hi all,

Apologies if this question is irrelevant or ill conceived ...

I've previously used zeromq and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I am
considering using it again for a slightly larger project (which is very
much still a thought bubble) and am taking some time to consider options.

I have a rudimentary understanding of the power zeromq offers, but I'm more
interested if anyone can point me at a project or documentation or ideally
a library that assists with orchestration of a full message processing

The mythical library I'm searching for would assist with "worker"
management, assisting with deploying additional or intermediary nodes and
auto generating zeromq queues/queue end points etc. For example,

I have a "node" that spawns two workers A and B. At one point in execution
everything is working fine - A passes messages to node B over a single
queue. I now want to dynamically introduce node C in the middle of the two
nodes to do some additional processing, and change the zeromq plumbing

Is this a case of just get on with it and implement the logic yourself -
zeromq is just the transport, or can someone point me at a library or
project that has gone some way to handling this?

Full disclosure: I'm only a third of the way through "code connected" so if
it is covered later in the book I apologise!

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