[zeromq-dev] epgm / pgm / auto discovery in C++ on Windows and VS2013

James Chapman james at linux-101.org
Thu Nov 27 15:06:23 CET 2014

Thanks again Jarek

If I wrap the bind in a try catch I get the following error message:

"Protocol not supported"

I get the same exception thrown on the subscriber whilst trying to
perform the connect().

This therefore probably has something to do with the ZMQ build on my
platform. Do I need to pass any parameters or flags at compile time to
have ZMQ support the protocol? Do I need to change any Windows OS
settings to support this?

FWIW, I've put the VS project here:


On 27 November 2014 at 13:24, Dorvin <dorvin at tlen.pl> wrote:
> W dniu 2014-11-27 11:31, James Chapman pisze:
>> I looked at the following example from the user guide:
>> http://zguide.zeromq.org/cpp:wuproxy and tried to implement a similar
>> example. Obviously I'm still doing something wrong because I get
>> exceptions thrown when trying to bind on the publisher and an
>> exception thrown when trying to connect on the subscriber.
> I tried to run epgm with pre-c++11 and 0MQ 4.0.4 and it didn't throw any
> exception. Try to provide address explicitly and not with c_str.
> I wasn't able to make it pass messages, though. I haven't used pgm/epgm
> on windows so you'll probably have to wait for response from someone
> more experienced in this area.
>> If I change from epgm to tcp (see publishAddress / subscribeAddress
>> string) then the publisher sucessfully sends messages, but the
>> subscriber doesn't receives them.
> You have port misconfiguration. Then you will spot classical issue of
> slow joiners. ZeroMQ works asynchronously and fact that connect call
> succeeded doesn't mean underlying sockets are ready. Add Sleep(1000)
> after connect or make recv call non-blocking and it should work better.
> Jarek
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