[zeromq-dev] When I do lots of zmq_socket/zmq_close couples, it crashes

Mark Wright markscottwright at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 01:51:50 CET 2014

I'm trying to put a network facade around an API that looks like this:

// once per process

// many of these, all from potentially different threads.  As many as 1000

// once per process

My ZMQ solution was to start up a central thread in initialize() listening
on an inproc ROUTER and then each operation() became a zmq_socket,
zmq_connect, zmq_send, zmq_recv, zmq_close sequence.

(This is all on windows, for now).

But we've noticed that when we start to scale this up, we start to run out
of sockets.  Which doesn't make a lot of sense - we shouldn't exceed
ZMQ_MAX_SOCKETS, since we never have more than 1000 client threads. (Also,
inproc appears to use a socket on Windows, which was surprising).

Sample code that reproduces the problem is here:

A colleague of mine took a quick look at the ZMQ source and it appears that
socket teardown is asynchronous, so zmq_close doesn't necessarily decrement
the current socket count.  Which would explain why we're getting errors
when we try to do this.

We've experimented with using a mutex-protected pool of client sockets, and
that appears to work, but the ZMQ docs have me a little wary of sharing
sockets amongst threads.  Does anyone have any recommendations or
experience implementing this sort of thing.  Is there a setting that
increase the socket reaping?  Or block until socket handles become availble?

(Unfortunately, I am not able to change the API, so there's no good way to,
say, force a per-thread initialization process on the client.  I'm avoiding
using TLS or something like that until I know I have to)


Mark Wright
markscottwright at gmail.com
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