[zeromq-dev] [Proposal] - JeroMQ to use Java 1.7

Trevor Bernard trevor.bernard at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 00:35:35 CET 2014

> What are the advantages of supporting >= 1.7 only (and thus dropping
> support for 1.6) ? Are there benefits for the JeroMQ devs/maintainer?

It allows you to write code that looks like this:

This is an experimental API I have been yak shaving. At some point I'm
going to port ideas to JeroMQ/JZMQ. This will require min Java 7.

> I want to say, if its free to support 1.6 then we should support it.
> However, if takes time to maintain it then I don't know.

Currently it's free but Java 6 was end of lifed in Feb 2013. There are
no more public updates for it. That alone should be motivation enough
for the upgrade.


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