[zeromq-dev] Various CZMQ v3 topics.

Pieter Hintjens ph at imatix.com
Sat Nov 22 13:22:32 CET 2014

Sorry for the slow reply, was/am at a conference.

> 1. in the v3 czmq world, it would appear that the zauth zactor
> applies to the entire process, therefore, you can't mix PLAIN
> and CURVE, etc. type authentication between sockets in the
> same process. Is this accurate?

Yes. Matter of not allowing people to do stupidly complex things.
Security is hard enough already.

> 2. Noticed that currently, zring is documented, but not present.

Docs are out of date. Use the Code, Luke. :)

> 3. I also noticed that ztree was in v2, and is now gone, due to
> licensing issues.

Not really licensing issues, rather the inclusion of a large body of
code into the class, and consequently, unmaintained code.

The correct way to import such code is as we do in zrex.

> 4. Enjoyed the Zen Garden parable! You know, unless you need to use
> such data structures internally, we could entirely leave such data
> structures out of czmq, and get them from places like GLIB, which
> supplies hash tables, balancedtrees, double and singly linked lists, etc.
> Personally, I love one-stop API shopping, but,... how far down the road
> are you willing to go?

Every realistic ZeroMQ app needs these structures and I far prefer our
API, it's simple. I think CZMQ as a well shaped toolbox for ZeroMQ
apps is the goal, it's not a general purpose library.

> 5. Thread pools. Since zactor seems to be the threading future, how about
> thread pools? For high performance threading, nothing beats threadpools....
> Without pools, I've seen as much as 1000msec delays getting a thread
> running....

Sure. However it's not a problem we're facing, yet, afaics.


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