[zeromq-dev] Various CZMQ v3 topics.

Steve Murphy murf at parsetree.com
Thu Nov 20 21:00:24 CET 2014


Sorry for such a varied group of reactions/questions/votes, but
I felt everyone would appreciate a single v3 message than five or
more separate messages.

1. in the v3 czmq world, it would appear that the zauth zactor
applies to the entire process, therefore, you can't mix PLAIN
and CURVE, etc. type authentication between sockets in the
same process. Is this accurate?

2. Noticed that currently, zring is documented, but not present.
I checked the git logs, and see why. Can I throw in my $.02?
Here they are: I see that zring (as documented) is a combination
of a doubly linked "ring" and also a hash table. I suggest not
mixing the two, unless there is some overwhelmingly common
use case that it would support. Otherwise, keeping them separate
would be better. Even if such a use case exists, it would still seem
good to put an object in the ring and in the hash separately.

3. I also noticed that ztree was in v2, and is now gone, due to
licensing issues. While not volunteering myself at this time to offer
a red-black balanced tree (or even an AVL) I might wonder if anyone
has coded such and would be willing to share it with more compatible
licensing?  OR, has anyone approached the original copyright holder,
and asked if they might consider allowing it with the desired

4. Enjoyed the Zen Garden parable! You know, unless you need to use
such data structures internally, we could entirely leave such data
structures out of czmq, and get them from places like GLIB, which
supplies hash tables, balancedtrees, double and singly linked lists, etc.
Personally, I love one-stop API shopping, but,... how far down the road
are you willing to go?

5. Thread pools. Since zactor seems to be the threading future, how about
thread pools? For high performance threading, nothing beats threadpools....
Without pools, I've seen as much as 1000msec delays getting a thread
I can't see using GLIB/whatever  for such, they have to be implemented
optionally below zactor to work well, I'd think.


Steve Murphy
ParseTree Corporation
✉  murf at parsetree dot com
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