[zeromq-dev] new zsock interface, documentation nits, etc.

Steve Murphy murf at parsetree.com
Mon Nov 17 17:30:54 CET 2014


Just 3 questions/documentation nits/etc...  Is it preferred that I write
all into a single message like this, or is it better to write 3 different
messages, one per issue? (Oooops, now it's 4!)

First, let me say, I am impressed with the new zsock features, as outlined
in the
czmq site manual! Wow! Nice stuff!  The "picture" stuff is COOL! I have
code with
a dozen sequential zmsg_popstr's, and now I could do it with one line!
(albeit, a long one!).

1.What is the preferred way to shut down a zsock? disconnect/unbind, and
then destroy,
   or should we just destroy?

2. Will the Guide be updated to replace zsocket usage with zsock usage?
(Lots of work,
    I'm sure! Every example has code in several languages!) Or will it end
up being
    a "version 2" sort of thing? Sorry, I guess I'm being overly curious

3. I noticed in the czmq  zsock_bind documentation, that the notation
examples have

   //    tcp://*[60000-]

         but doesn't have:

   //    tcp://![-60000]      bind to a random port from C000
(49152) to 60000

          as a possible variant. A small nit, but it could help someone use
the capability.



Steve Murphy
ParseTree Corporation
✉  murf at parsetree dot com
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