[zeromq-dev] ROUTER & identity value.

Riskybiz riskybizlive at live.com
Sat Nov 8 22:13:26 CET 2014

I've created this zeromq-4.0.4 MultiPartMessage.h
<http://pastebin.com/hhKDamzt>  class in C++.  It functions nicely.  However
I cannot fathom one aspect of its behaviour....


When the receive constructor is called to receive a message off a ROUTER
socket then the inbound message identity should be stored in the class
member variable 'id' (circa line 161).  However whenever I use the
getIdentity() method on either Windows 7 or Debian Wheezy to get the value
then print the identity to the console window then there is nothing to see,
just a blank.


What baffles me is that when replying to the message I use the getIdentity()
method of the received message to set the destination identity in the send
constructor of a different class instance AND the message gets back through
to the originator.


So it's possible to pass messages from DEALER to ROUTER put the
MultiPartMessage in a queue and later send it back to the originating
DEALER; but I cannot visualise the identity value in the console!


Does anyone know why this should be?






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