[zeromq-dev] socket buffer overflow when sending large data?

Li Ma skywalker.nick at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 09:56:00 CET 2014

Hi all, I had an application run by pyzmq. This application will
send/receive large data set (more than 100KB) each time. But I found
that the receiver doesn't get the data properly.

I didn't dig into it because I'm not a ZeroMQ expert, but I solved the
problem by increasing zmq.RCVBUF and zmq.SENDBUF to 200KB.

What I don't understand is that in the application I use
send_multipart and recv_multipart. AFAIK, these two function will
split the data into frames and then reconstruct the data and don't
care much about the original data size.

Does anyone can provide a more detailed explanation about it? And I
also seek for more stable implementation about sending larger data
set? Because this solution is not totally stable. What if I need to
send data more than 1MB if RCVBUF/SENDBUF is around 200KB.

I'd appreciate any comments on it. Thanks a lot.

Li Ma (Nick)
Email: skywalker.nick at gmail.com

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