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Hi, @Benjamin

Thanks for your quick response. I'm aware of the way to implement the heartbeat function.

I was just wondering how the TCP keep alive helps. What happened to zeromq lib when TCP Keepalive dectects a failure.


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the standard way is the Paranoide Pirate Protocol: http://rfc.zeromq.org/spec:6

The Guide discusses this in chapter 4: http://zguide.zeromq.org/php:chapter4

For a heart-beating for publishers I think you have to define your use-case. As an example, say the client discovers that the service is down, can he switch to another service? In a P2P context this happens all the time - one peer discovers another peer is dead and switches. Or in a client/server context, the client might just wait a bit because of overload on the server. So "dead" can mean different things.



On Sat, Nov 1, 2014 at 3:50 AM, Meng Zhang <jammy.linux at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi, @there,

Following is the issue we encountered in our production env:

We are using ZeroMQ PUB/SUB pattern, 
but the weird thing is that at the SUB  end, netstat showed the zeromq socket is in ESTABLISHED state, 
while at the PUB end, the LISTEN socket is still there, but the corresponding ESTABLISHED socket disappeared.
Given there is not built-in hearbeat mechanism in ZeroMQ, 
for such situation, what's the best practice to leverage TCP keepalive to dectect this issue?

So...at the SUB end, if I set ZMQ_TCP_KEEPALIVE/ZMQ_TCP_KEEPALIVE_IDLE properly, 
* if I choose to use czmq, how can I assert the socket is dead thru the zstr_recv()?
* if use libzmq directly, how can I do the same thing by zmq_msg_recv()?


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