[zeromq-dev] Zyre Wi-Fi Rejoin Issue

Steve Rasmussen Steve.Rasmussen at MVAero.com
Thu May 29 22:21:02 CEST 2014

I'm putting together a system that uses ZeroMQ  to communicate between
moving vehicles over Wi-Fi. I use Zyre to discover, make the connections,
and send the information. 


This all works well, but when the Wi-Fi connection is broken and is
reestablished the zyre entities, that were connected before the break, do
not reestablish high level, i.e. whisper, communications. They do exchange
beacons and act like they are connected, but the zyre commands, e.g. START,
don't get through.


I've included some test results in the pastebin:



For the tests I modified the tools/zpinger program to continually send out
pings. The source is included in the pastebin. I ran my modified zpinger on
two laptops and a zlogger on one laptop. To break the connection, I moved
one laptop away until the zyre entity exited and the Wi-Fi connection was
broken. I then moved the laptop back in range to reestablish the connection.
I've included logs in the pastebin.


The two zyre entities did not reestablish high level communications. After
one test, I started another modified zpinger, not in the logs, and it
connected, exchanged pings, with both original zyre entities.


I'll stop now to keep this short. I anyone has any ideas or needs more
information, please let me know.





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