[zeromq-dev] Poor performance for DEALER <-> ROUTER - ROUTER <-> DEALER in hello_world scenario .

Panu Wetterstrand panu.wetterstrand at iki.fi
Fri May 23 16:16:26 CEST 2014

You should handle all events before calling poll again. Poll returns event
count. Only with phone so cant write example.
22.5.2014 21.21 kirjoitti "artemv zmq" <artemv.zmq at gmail.com>:

> I'm following advice from a guide to come with
> as-simple-solution-as-possible before moving further, and experiencing poor
> performance on a very simple scenario.
> My test case is to check how ROUTER/DEALER constructions are working, how
> far they scale.  My environment:
>  windows_7_64bit/java7/4xCPU/8g/zmq-3.2.2/jzmq-3.0.0
> Got two java processes. One process(called Sender) hosts ROUTER-ROUTER
> device   and  forever-loop DEALER  constantly sending "hello zmq world"
>  message.  Second process(called Receiver) is hosting  single DEALER which
> is sort of simple worker -- receives message and sends it back.
> The whole point is measure how much messages per sec I can get at this
> very raw scenario. Here's java code:
> Sender -- http://pastebin.com/mM7dqvSw
> Receiver -- http://pastebin.com/dS2SLA2G
> The test result ~ 40K/sec  which is much-much less than I expected.
> Because you can't have two java processes (both taking 50% cpu)  and
> rendering 40K  at  "hello world"  scenario..
> Thanks in advance for a help.
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