[zeromq-dev] Improvement(?) for binding and connecting sockets using single method

Panu Wetterstrand panu.wetterstrand at iki.fi
Wed May 14 09:32:31 CEST 2014


we have lots of small ZeroMQ devices written in Java. Mostly we need to
specify how socket connect to others as command line parameter. Because
there is two different methods connect and bind this is not straight
forward. First we have to parse if we should bind or connect and then call
the correct method.

To ease this we have written parser that accepts urls like this:


Thus the idea is that one can spesify connection or bind before the actual
zeromq url. Also multiple urls can be definer by separating them using

(Java library can be found here

My question is:
Would it make any sense implement method to ZeroMQ library that would do
the same thing? Signature would be something like this:

    int zmq_associate (void *socket, const char *urlstring);

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