[zeromq-dev] Advice on 0MQ pattern for asynchronous computationa model

Mora, Joshua Joshua.Mora at amd.com
Tue May 13 20:35:48 CEST 2014

Could the group advice on a 0MQ pattern for the following asynchronous computational model ?

I am trying to overlap some computation with some communication in a streamlined (pipelined) fashion.
I have one input data sockets and one output data socket for receiving and sending respectively large messages.
Once one large message is received through the input data socket, I can proceed to process (crunch) the data.
In parallel while processing the data I start receiving the next message.
Once the data is processed, the data can be sent out through the output data socket in parallel with the work going on in input data socket.
So there are like 3 threads:input,worker,output that can work independently as long as they have data to consume and just signaling when the data is ready to be used by next task or requesting/polling when data is available to be consumed by its own thread.
I need to be able to overlap as much as possible those 3 tasks, all of them happening in the same compute node.
Would PULL/PUSH work in this case asynchronously ?

Again, any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance,

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