[zeromq-dev] 4.0.4 with java lang binding

James Gatannah james.gatannah at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 23:11:56 CEST 2014

> Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2014 18:28:59 -0700
> From: Scott Lewis <scottslewis at gmail.com>
> To: zeromq-dev at lists.zeromq.org
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> Hi,
> When I go to
> http://zeromq.org/bindings:java
> It implies that the java binding is written to work with 2.1.10 of
> zeromq...and I would like to find out if it works on 4.0.4.

I think jzmq is really geared toward 3.x. Technically, it also seems
to work fine with 4.0.x, except that there aren't any bindings to the
encryption pieces that (IMO) make 4 interesting. There are some pieces
in the code base that have been updated to take advantage of at least
some of 4.0's features.

I've started writing those bindings, and have them up to the point
where I was debugging and unit testing. Then real life issues

> I've also looked at JeroMQ [2], but it appears from doc to be based upon
> libzmq 3.2.2.

It seems to me that JeroMQ will pretty much always be at least a step
or two behind jzmq. It's easier (and, honestly, IMO, a better use of
scant time) to wrap a C library than to duplicate its functionality.

> Do either/both of these bindings work with 4.0.4?   If not, is there any
> expectation that they will be (and if so, when?).

Encryption for jzmq is really close to the top of my list for things I
need for my side projects...but those keep getting pushed off to the

For anyone who cares, https://github.com/jimrthy/jzmq is the fork. My
latest changes are in the debugging branch (because I was debugging my
changes when I got derailed). For all I know, the code might be fine
and ready to go, and the weird errors I was seeing at the end were
environmental issues.

> Thanks,
> Scott


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