[zeromq-dev] Assertion failed: ok (mailbox.cpp:84)

Pieter Hintjens ph at imatix.com
Thu Mar 20 17:33:02 CET 2014

If you have a patch for an issue on a stable version then (a) great!
:-) and (b) we ask for an issue and a test case that shows the
before/after situation.

If you're not comfortable with the fix as-is, show us the code (attach
it to the issue, for instance).

We'd want to double check the issue isn't still present, and that we
can't backport whatever fix was made (if it's not present in master


On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 6:20 PM, Mařík Miloslav
<marik.miloslav at ifortuna.cz> wrote:
> Hi,
> Two years ago, there was a thread with exactly the same name. I met the same problem yesterday with ZMQ 3.2.4. The test scenario was pretty simple a server is fed by n clients. Everything is ok when n is equal to one, but the server crashes within several seconds with assertion listed in the subject when n is two or more.
> The problem is a race condition in zmq::mailbox_t::recv method. I have fixed it but I'm well aware that my fix is not optimal. However it can server as a guideline. So my question is "How to deliver the patch?"
> Thanks for the answer,
> Slavek
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