[zeromq-dev] newbie question about zeromq use for a peer to peer messaging program

Johnny Lee jlee at peaceatwork.org
Wed Mar 19 17:13:43 CET 2014

hello and thanks for reading this post. 

This is a general and broad question. I am not a developer but know enough to be dangerous.

we have a peer to peer communication program that has a sending client and a receiving client on different workstations within a network. Currently using TCP/IP protocols addressed by ip address and/or machine names.

We are revising and seeing if 0MQ is a fit. 

The "alerts" would be simple, short, pre-configured messages.  
Sender initiates signal (ex.click icon) and a preconfigured message goes to receivers in same network. 


Can 0MQ do this?

Can it send to multiple  receivers (how many, >100 receivers)?
Would it be asynchronous or multi-threaded?
And how quickly? Would that depend on the capacity/horsepower of the sending machine?

Could the receiver send a simple message back (pre-configured)?

Can a signal be sent to a server in the cloud?

Thanks so much and please let me know of any clarifing questions. If this looks promising, the development team will be looking for more support (and we can pay). 


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