[zeromq-dev] "norm_engine" notes

Brian Adamson brian.adamson at nrl.navy.mil
Sun Mar 16 02:56:30 CET 2014

Per Pieter's suggestions, I have posted the writeup in a more readable form to the ZeroMQ Wiki at:


I also have issued a pull-request (I think - I'm somewhat of a git newbie) for this candidate extension.

Note that the question of reinstatement of the zmq:encoder::has_data() method (or alternate approach) needs to be resolved for this code to be useful

best regards,


On Sat Mar 15 17:18:23 CET 2014, Pieter Hintjens <ph at imatix.com> wrote:

> Brian,
> You can use the topics: section perhaps. For the pull request it's simpler

> to send code and beat it into shape than to discuss upfront...
> -Pieter

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