[zeromq-dev] Best architecture?

Indradhanush Gupta indradhanush.gupta at gmail.com
Sat Mar 15 09:02:51 CET 2014

I am applying for GSOC 14, with LEAP Encryption Access Project. They use
u1db for sync with clients, which currently uses a http transport. I intend
to write an alternate transport using ZMTP. For that I have thought of the
following, but I would be glad to have some feedback on that from the
community itself:

Both the server and the clients would contain two threads, one each for a
ROUTER and DEALER socket. This is so that one will handle incoming
connections, and the other outgoing connections.

I had initially thought of implementing the Mad Black Box Pattern, but the
feeling within the LEAP community is to start with something simple and
then build iteratively. I would love to hear back on the current idea.

Indradhanush Gupta
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