[zeromq-dev] 10 seconds delay on a PUB/SUB

Giacomo Tesio giacomo at tesio.it
Fri Mar 14 16:06:15 CET 2014

Hi, I'm getting 5 to 10 seconds delay in on a pub/sub socket with low load
(in a context with heavy load on other sockets).

I'm using NetMQ on Windows 7, with tcp transport on (indeed it
should be ipc, but it's not supported on Windows AFAIK).

This is the topology:

We have Server A, Client B and Client C.

Server binds a PUB with heavy load (let's call it PUB1), publishing 50-100
msg/s with few daily peaks at 1000 msg/s.

Server binds a PUB with small load (let's call it PUB2). publishing 50-500
msg *each day*. Note however that these messages are sent in groups of 1 to
5 in a few milliseconds.

Client B connect with a SUB socket to PUB1,
Client C connects with two SUB socket to PUB1 and PUB2.

My issue is that when a group of messages is sent in PUB2, the first is
received almost instantly from Client C, but the others are received
seconds after, at seconds of distances.

For example, here are a few times from today problems.

Sent from Server A  -> Received from Client C
09:00:59.608 -> 09:01:05.643
09:01:00.055 -> 09:01:05.64
09:01:00.117 -> 09:01:10.928
09:01:02.883 -> 09:01:16.172
09:01:05.541 -> 09:01:18.754

How can I reduce this delay?
I tried to increase the ThreadPoolSize up to the number of CPUs, but
without success.
Note that I (must) have HighWaterMark = 0 on every socket (I can't loose
messages), but the machine is full of free memory (4 GB are always free)
and never use more than 40% of each cpu.

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