[zeromq-dev] Consult one zeromq design

Wesley nispray at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 17:03:42 CET 2014

anybody has suggestions?

在 2014年3月13日星期四UTC+8上午7时50分50秒,Wesley写道:
> Hi guys,
>   Here I wanna consult one zeromq mode design.
> I have one GW(HTTP server) and 2 or more TCP servers, GW accepts http 
> requests and forwards taks to tcp servers via message queue.
> Then, tcp servers accept tasks and execute the task.
> The point here is, tcp server keep long connections with other devices, 
> say, maybe cell phones.
> So, when GW forwards task(it can read http request and determine which 
> cell the current request is to), it should determine which tcp server to 
> send(assume, I have a redis storing which tcp server every cell is 
> connecting to).
> So, what modes I should use?
> We require that, if one tcp server is not available, the message sent to 
> it shouldn't be lost.
> Here is my design, correct?  
> <https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-SHqT1bXFDUc/UyB3McSEgdI/AAAAAAAAAE0/aWCHVX-xYCE/s1600/%E7%BB%98%E5%9B%BE1.png>
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